Lights, camera & action

We plan, design and develop your video or photography shoot, focused solely around your product or event to interact with your customers on a personal and professional level.

  • Concerts / Shows / Events
  • Corporate / Commercials
  • Design, Planning & Production
  • Explainer Videos
  • Models / Actors
  • Motion Graphics
  • Product Photography
  • Social Media (Viral)
  • Video Editing
  • Voiceovers
  • Weddings

Looking into 2017

Currently, statistics show that in 2017 nearly 75% of internet traffic will come from video promotions and by the time the video ends, nearly 500 hours of video will be uploaded to the internet for the world to view.

Internet Traffic

Video and Photography - Honest MediaVideo and Photography - Honest MediaVideo and Photography - Honest MediaHonest Media


A selection of our videos

Drones - Honest MediaHonest Media

Aerial Drone Videos

With technology continually evolving, there are numerous types of video methods that can be used to target new audiences and engage potential buyers.

One new age method of video is aerial drone based video. For example, if your business specialises in land or housing, drone footage can create a sense of awe, so your potential buyers can view the land and surrounding areas in one impacting video.

Video & Marketing

With additional marketing through social media platforms, your company can be viewed 24hrs a day and increase traffic on major search engines such as Google or Bing.

Honest Media have already created thousands of extra web hits for our customers. Our services are designed to engage your customers like never before. Through strategic methods, we interact and engage viewers by their emotions and sense of curiosity to help boost and develop your online media presence.

Video is the future, let us help you showcase your product or services to a wider online audience.

Get more sales!

Studies show that customers who view your product or service on a video are more likely to purchase what is being advertised. They are also more likely to visit the site or physical location promoted on the video.

Increased exposure

Even if the viewer does not end up purchasing what you are marketing on your video, they have still been exposed to your business. If you have been really creative with the video, viewers may even end up sharing it across their social media networks.

Having a video makes it much easier to share, and the capacity for forwarding is limitless.

Honest MediaHonest MediaHonest Media

Customers stay longer on your site

Consumers are attracted to visual displays. Because of this, a website that has video is more likely to retain customers’ attention for a longer period of time.

Customers who visit a website that has a video are more likely to stay on the site longer and consequently check out other pages while they are visiting.

Increased visibility in search

Want to show higher up on the search results page of Google or Bing? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) favors websites that feature a video component.

So even if your video is only 15 seconds long, it would be a smart investment of your time and money.

Google - Honest MediaBing - Honest MediaHonest MediaHonest Media

In-stream YouTube video ads

You can utilize Google Adwords In-stream video service to place your video at the start of YouTube videos to create a commercial using the video you created. Don’t know how to you Google Adwords? No problem, our team is very familiar with this advertising platform.

Don’t have a video? We can help with that, too. Video is the future! Join the movement!

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